Monday, December 10, 2012

local art show with Whitworth artist Blaine Eldredge

Celebration, fun, and good friends made up the local art show this past Friday night.  This show was a unique show, taking place in a small house, the space provided for a very intimate climate.  There were three artists being exhibited in this show, one of which was Whitworth student Blaine Eldredge.

Blaine known widely around campus for his involvement with Whitworth Outdoor Rec. is also a painter.  In this show there were about 10 pieces from Blaine, 3 of which were a part of a series.  One of which I want to talk to you about.

The first piece in this series, an oil pastel sketch was the piece that caught my eye.  The image projected was of a female life model in a sitting position.  I think the thing that caught my eye about this piece was the fact that the head of the model was not in the picture.

I confronted Blaine about the series, where he explained that the skull image hanging 2 paintings away was the head that went with the body, and the middle painting was the finished product done with acrylic paint.  The arrangement was this way because by having the colored print in the middle in created a balance and unity among the three pieces, drawing the viewer into the story.

This show was a very fun show.  I think that I liked it so much because it was such an intimate experience where you felt not only a personal connection to the art pieces, but you were also able to feel a connection with the artists themselves.

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  1. I'm not completely sure I grasp the story of the 3 described pieces. What I'm gathering is that there was a (headless) body, a skull and a fully formed person that was made up from the two other pieces that served as sketches for the final piece. Having pictures of the three pieces together would help clear up the confusion. However, if the way I interpreted the description is correct I greatly appreciate the artists choice of display. Having the "working" and "build up" rough sketches alongside the final piece is not something one typically experiences in art shows. The fact that the artist decided to include everything and not just the final product is a great show of artistic skill and showmanship. A sense of seeing the piece being created, without watching the artist work. This allows for a better sense of what all went into the piece and the work behind it.