Monday, December 10, 2012

The Art of James LaVigne
and The History of Spokane

Like any other city on the planet, Spokane has it's landmarks.  Landmarks that in actuality make this city of ours unlike any other on the planet.  Spokane has character.  Even those who tend to discount Spokane, due to size or what have you, can admit that Spokane has character.  This city is the Inland Northwest.  This city is post-industrial.  This city was the home of a once thriving indigenous people. This city has some of the most troubled neighborhoods in Washington.  This city has wealth.  James LaVigne see's the beauty of this city.  Not in a Thomas Kinkade way, not even close.  James LaVigne seems to understand that the beauty of Spokane is found in it's complexity. This city is beautiful.  The Chase Gallery, in downtown spokane has recently engaged in displaying art representing the rich history of the city of Spokane.  Located in City Hall, nothing could have seemed more appropriate.  On display were a few oil paintings of famous building around the city, a few prints of the waterfall, beautiful work.  But nothing matched the power of the large scale prints of James LaVigne.  They were stepped in drama.  One image in particular, showed spokane's seemingly inexplicably baroque style courthouse, in the midst of a thunderstorm.  An image that seemed to perfectly represent the tumultuous nature of our fine city.  The courthouse, almost resembling Disneyland.  Located less than a mile from West Central, one tough neighborhood.  James LaVigne had several prints on display at the Chase gallery.  They all represented Spokane with an honest understanding.  They all seemed to tap into the spirit of Spokane. 

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  1. I think it's fantastic that we can have an incredible artist near our humble university. It is also a huge privileged to have an artist who obviously cares about the city that he lives in and recognizes it's beauty. I think a huge indication of that is the amount of detail and symbolism he put into his artwork. Great pieces.